Public Service Awards

Every five years, the Vermont Public Service Award program honors individuals who have served as elected or appointed local official, or as a fire and rescue worker, for 20 or more years. Since the program was first established in 1999, hundreds of Vermonters have been honored for their public service. It is our hope that not only will the Vermont Public Service Award program give our dedicated local officials the recognition they deserve, but that by highlighting the vital role our public servants play in our cities and towns, it will encourage others to take a turn at serving their respective communities.

Vermont’s local officials run our elections, set the grand list, determine appeals, keep the roads in good repair and passable in all seasons of the year. They ensure our children are properly educated, they plan for and regulate growth in our communities, and they are there for us in times of emergency. Vermont’s local officials serve mostly as volunteers. Their commitment to public service—without pay (or adequate pay), without applause, without personal advancement, is a precious gift; a gift we should celebrate. We couldn’t buy it, at any price. In Vermont our local governments work because good people are willing to give up the most precious commodity—their free time—to the still vital principle of democracy: that government only works if we all participate.

The next Public Service Award recipients will be recognized in 2016.

Award Recipients by County (2010, 2005, 2000)

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