St. Johnsbury Academy

Est. 1842

St. Johnsbury Academy was founded in 1842 by a Erastus, Thaddeus and Joseph Fairbanks of Fairbanks Scales to provide intellectual, moral and religious training for their own children and those of the community. When the school was founded, the Fairbanks family set the tuition at a level that allowed any qualified student to attend, thus creating a school in which every child, regardless of family circumstance, had equal access to excellence in education, citizenship and opportunity. This enabled the children of farmers and factory workers to receive a world class education alongside their own children. Today, St. Johnsbury Academy is unique among the world’s boarding schools. Our students come from more than 50 communities in Vermont and New Hampshire, nearly half of the American states and even more countries, forming a remarkably diverse yet cohesive and supportive community. Our mission focuses on character, inquiry and community. We expect our students to be good citizens, to study hard, become independent lifelong learners and to give back to their community. Each senior must complete a Capstone project that will help improve the quality of life for the school or community.


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