Mark Skinner Library, Manchester

Est. 1897

The Mark Skinner Library was founded in 1897, and is the largest public library serving Manchester and 30 surrounding communities in Southwestern Vermont. They are committed to serving the lifelong journey of learning by providing information and opportunities for personal enrichment and enjoyment to people of all ages in the community. For most of their history, the library was governed and operated as a private library. In 2003, the library was converted to Manchester’s public library, supported by taxpayer funds, private donations, endowment distributions and fundraising. To meet the needs of both current and future patrons, and to serve an even more vital role as a cornerstone of the community, they are embarking on a capital campaign to build a new 21st Century facility with expanded programming and services, enhanced technology and accessible to all.


2012 Non Profit Centennial Awards 011

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