Bradford Congregational Church of the United Church of Christ

Est. 1793

The original church building was built in 1793, according to a vote at a special town meeting, to serve as the town church. It was built and supported by taxpayers until 1809. On June 24, 1810 the present Congregational Church was organized under the name Calvinistic Congregational Church of Christ. Four years later, in 1814, the name was changed to Bradford Congregational Church Society. By 1876, a new “church edifice” had been built and was ready for use. In 1961, they joined the United Church of Christ. The old church building sits behind the new church and is currently rented to a community theater group. The present church building sanctuary is used for worship services, weddings, funerals, choir festivals, organ and vocal concerts. The vestry is used for fellowship gatherings, meetings, programs and suppers, not only by the congregation but by many other groups, such as the Red Cross, Boy Scouts, Conservation Commission, Historical Society, Ecumenical Dinners and Alcoholics Anonymous.


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