About the Office

The Office of the Secretary of State performs a number of important functions:   


The Elections division protects the integrity of campaigning and elections in Vermont. It administers Vermont’s elections, oversees campaign finance reporting and lobbyist disclosure laws and encourages civic participation.

Vermont State Archives and Records Administration (VSARA)

The Vermont State Archives and Records Administration (VSARA) advises and guides public agencies in records and information management; files, records, and certifies legislative acts and resolves, administrative rules, state deeds and leases, vital records, oaths and appointments, municipal charters, and similar statutory filings; appraises and schedules public records so they are preserved only as long as they have a legal or administrative value; preserves and enhances access to the State government's archival records; and operates a secure record center for inactive agency records.

Office of Professional Regulation

The Vermont Office of Professional Regulation (OPR) was created to protect the public from unethical, incompetent or otherwise unprofessional behavior. OPR currently licenses, certifies, and registers 45 occupations and professions and approximately 55,000 licensees. The office is also charged with the investigation and any resulting discipline of these licensees.


The Corporations division is responsible for the registration of business entities—from the small proprietorship (trade name) to the incorporation process. It also is the filing repository for Uniform Commercial Code Filings for the State of Vermont.

Safe At Home

The Safe at Home address confidentiality program helps victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking avoid being tracked down by an abuser using state or local public records. Program participants use the program’s address in all public records and their mail is forwarded to their confidential location.


The Office of the Secretary of State oversees notaries public for the State of Vermont.

Municipal Programs

The Office of the Secretary of State works to strengthen Vermont’s municipalities by providing local officials and members of the public with information, assistance, and educational materials related to municipal law and practice and the requirements of Vermont’s open government laws. 

Administrative Procedures Act—Rule Making

The Office of the Secretary of State oversees the filing and publication of administrative rules by all state agencies.

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