Applicant Assistant Resources

Safe at Home relies on applicant assistants in the community to enroll participants into the program. This program can be a piece of an overall safety plan. Without applicant assistants (you) this program would not be able to exist.

An applicant assistant is an employee of an organization/agency that provides counseling and other services to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking. Potential applicant assistants must complete the training (available online) and be re-certified annually to ensure they understand the program and can thoroughly explain the benefits and responsibilities to applicants.

Organization Registration

  • The director of the organization/agency must print, complete, sign and mail to the Safe at Home program coordinator an Enrolling Organization Registration Form. Upon acceptance, this will establish the organization as an entity that can enroll applicants into the program. It will also put the organization on the list (available on the website) of enrolling agents for potential applicants to contact.

  • To become an applicant assistant, an employee of the enrolling agent must complete the online training—a series of informational slides interspersed with quiz questions—which should take about 30 minutes.

  • After completing the training, the trainee will be directed to a registration and training completion form, that they can fill out and submit electronically.

  • The program coordinator will send confirmation of certification to the trainee. The employee will then be qualified to enroll participants in the program.

  • Applicant assistants are required, by law, to be re-certified annually. The program coordinator will send a notice to the director of the organization asking if the organization wants to continue to provide the service and which certified staff will continue to provide the service.

Applicant Assistant Certification Training

Before beginning the training module, print out the three forms below in the “Enrollment Forms” section to use as a reference.

Enrollment Forms

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