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From time to time, the Office of Professional Regulation (OPR) receives requests from individuals or groups recommending that a profession be regulated. Vermont law provides that a profession should be regulated only when necessary to protect the public. When OPR receives such a request, it conducts a preliminary assessment and develops a recommendation for the Legislature as to whether or not the profession should be regulated.  

Pursuant to 26 V.S.A. § 3101:

It is the policy of the state of Vermont that regulation be imposed upon a profession or occupation solely for the purpose of protecting the public. The legislature believes that all individuals should be permitted to enter into a profession or occupation unless there is a demonstrated need for the state to protect the interests of the public by restricting entry into the profession or occupation. If such a need is identified, the form of regulation adopted by the state shall be the least restrictive form of regulation necessary to protect the public interest. 


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