Regulatory Review

Establishing and Modifying Licensing Requirements

OPR is responsible for creating and modifying regulations that establish licensing requirements for over 50 professions. New licensing requirements for unregulated professions are created through a process called Sunrise Review. Existing licensing requirements for regulated professions are reviewed and modified through a process called Sunset Review or through regulatory reform. These processes are done with input from and in collaboration with the public, professionals in the field, the state Legislature, state agencies, and professional Boards and Advisors.


Sunrise Review - Establishing Licensing Requirements for Unregulated Professions

From time to time, individuals or groups will request that a profession be regulated. When OPR receives such a request, it does a comprehensive assessment and then makes a recommendation to the state Legislature as to whether or not licensing requirements and regulations for the profession should be created. OPR will recommend a profession be regulated if it determines that if it is in the public’s best interest or if it finds that the public’s health, safety, and welfare are harmed or at risk. This process is called Sunrise Review.

To request that a profession be regulated, submit a Preliminary Sunrise Review Assessment Application

Sunrise Reviews


Sunset Review and Regulatory Reform - Modifying Licensing Requirements for Regulated Professions

OPR can review existing regulated programs at any time through a process called Sunset Review or regulatory reform. During the review or reform, OPR looks at the impact of the regulations on the profession including costs and training requirements and the history of complaints or disciplinary actions, to ensure they are still relevant and in the public’s best interest. The public is notified of all reviews and reforms and has the opportunity to provide input in the process. 

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