Continuing Education

Continuing Education Providers

The Board has decided on a new approach to approving large group CE programs / activities. This is necessitated by the amount of Board time and energy that has become absorbed in the approval process and our desire to streamline that process for all concerned.  Part of streamlining the process involves being clearer on what sorts of activities the Board sees as sufficiently psychological in nature, and the qualifications required by those providing such training.  In establishing these guidelines we have been largely guided by the standards set by APA for those organizations that it approves to offer CE programs, modified to recognize the unique characteristics of the Vermont licensing law. 

Submission of requests for approval of such activities after January 15, 2016, will be required to use the forms posted below.

We welcome feedback from CE providers and expect to make revisions to the forms over the coming year as necessary. 

Please note that for those CE providers that regularly request approval for multiple programs each year, the Board strongly encourages such CE providers to apply for approval as a Sponsor of CE activities which will then permit the CE provider to offer multiple programs over a three year period without having to apply for approval for specific programs.  The second CE approval form on this webpage details the requirements for a CE provider to become an approved sponsor of CE programs

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