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Applications and renewals without a valid U.S. Social Security number will not be accepted. No exceptions. For more information visit the Social Security Administration

The following applies to applications received after 1/14/2015 requesting NCLEX testing:

  • If you have graduated from your initial nursing education program less than 5 years ago, you must pass the NCLEX examination within 5 years of that graduation date.
  • If you are an international applicant and you have graduated from your initial nursing education program more than five years ago, you may take the NCLEX examination through Vermont one time only. No exceptions.

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Checking Your Application Status

You may check the status of an application or renewal by logging in to your online licensing account with the user ID and password associated with your account. 

If you are represented by an agency, contact them for information prior to contacting the state of Vermont. All information concerning your application file will first be conveyed to your agency if you have chosen them to represent you during the application process. Agency representation is not required to apply to the state of Vermont.

Please note that your Credentials Evaluation Service (CES) report is only available to this office for a period of one year. Therefore your application must be submitted within that one-year time frame.

Email is the primary form of communication from this office.

Exam information

Educational Program Information

The state of Vermont is currently not accepting applications from applicants educated in Haiti. Effective 9/2/2008.

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