Position Statements

Board of Nursing Position Statements: 

Scope of Practice Decision Trees


Professional Standards and Practice


Retired Position Statements 

  • Role of the Nurse in the Administration and Monitoring of Moderate Sedation
  • Nurses Role in the Administration of a Local Anesthetic into a Catheter for the Purpose of a Nerve Block
  • Role of the Nurse in the Administration of Propofol
  • Role of the RN in the Care of a Pregnant Woman Receiving Analgesia-Anesthesia Through an Epidural Catheter
  • Role of the RN and APRN as First Assistant
  • Nursing Role in Dermatologic Procedures
  • Role of the LPN in IV Therapy 
  • Responsibilities of the Nurse in Providing Complementary and Integrative Health Interventions
  • Role of the RN, LPN, and LNA in Foot Care
  • Palliative Sedation at the End of Life 
  • The Role of the Nurse in an Immunization Clinic
  • Patient Choice at End of Life
  • Termination of APRN-Patient Relationship
  • APRN Prescribing Controlled Substances to Immediate Family Member
  • Client Age Parameters for Adult Nurse Practitioners
  • Administration of Homeopathic Drugs, Herbal Medicine Products, and Dietary Supplements
  • Student Nurse pre-licensure extern programs
  • Role of the RN and LPN when working with medical assistants
  • Role of the RN and LPN in the pronouncement of death
  • Substance use disorder in nursing
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