Notaries Public Official Stamps

Am I required to have an official stamp?

The official stamp portion of the law is effective July 1, 2019.

Under the new law, you must affix or emboss all certificates/documents on which you perform a notarial act with an official stamp or, if you do not have an official stamp, you must clearly print or type your name and commission number on the certificate/document. Note that Notaries Public are not required to have an official stamp.

What is required if I do have an official stamp?

The official stamp of a notary public must include the notary public’s legal name, jurisdiction, and commission number issued by the Office of Professional Regulation. Please wait to order your stamp until your Notary Public license is approved by the Office as a new commission number will be issued. Your new commission number will be different from your current commission number. Applications will open in mid-December.

What is an official stamp?

An official stamp is a physical image affixed to or embossed on a tangible record.  A stamping device that is capable of affixing to or embossing on a tangible record an official stamp is an acceptable device.

Below are sample official stamps which can be used for a Notary Public Stamp. The shape and style of the stamp may be determined by each notary.

 Notary stamp sample which is circular with the full name at the top, the words "Notary Public State of Vermont" at the bottom, and the Commission number in the center.                        Notary stamp, rectangular

What is my commission #?

Once your Notary application is approved by our office you will be issued a new commission # (credential/license #). All notaries will now have this commission #. 

How many commission # digits are required to appear on the stamp?

You may list all 10 digits; however, you are only required to list the last 7 digits.


Important Note:

A notary public is responsible for the security of the notary public’s stamping device and shall not allow another individual to use the device to perform a notarial act.  If a notary public’s stamping device is lost or stolen, the notary public or the notary public’s personal representative or guardian shall promptly notify the Office of Professional Regulation upon discovering that the device is lost or stolen.

This page was last updated: 2019-01-16