Notaries Public

Applications are now available to apply to become a notary public through OPR!

OPR opened online applications for Notaries Public on December 12, 2018. Please use this letter for handy information and step-by-step instructions. You will see that this website also contains an extensive FAQ resource, criteria for Official Stamps, and comprehensive information about Online Services. We encourage you to use these resources and let us know if you have any further questions. Welcome to OPR!

Pursuant to 2018, No. 160, notaries public will be commissioned by the Secretary of State’s Office of Professional Regulation (OPR), effective December 1, 2018. This change from the county assistant judges allows notaries public to join regulated professionals and occupations—from accountants to veterinarians—under a unified system with a common interface and common administrative processes. OPR professions and occupations are served by a state-of-the-art online system built to make application and renewal fast, convenient, transparent, and accessible from almost any web-connected device.

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Kara Shangraw

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