Barbers & Cosmetologists

In January 2019, following the enactment of Act 144, the barber, cosmetologist, esthetician, and nail technician professions transitioned from board to advisor-based regulation, allowing for more efficient and flexible regulation. The mission of the OPR Director and the advisors is public protection, which is accomplished by: ensuring applicants are qualified for licensure; setting standards for the profession by proposing statutes and adopting administrative rules; and, with the assistance of OPR staff, investigating complaints of unprofessional conduct, taking disciplinary action against a licensee when necessary. Our website provides links to the laws governing this profession as well as resources for applicants, licensees, consumers, and employees. 

Licensing Update: Rules have been proposed that will affect the licensing requirements for barbers, cosmetologists, estheticians, and nail technicians to better reflect the needs of licensed professionals and to ensure public protection. The proposed rules, created with input from professionals in the field, cut costs and red tape, remove inefficiencies in the licensing process, and lower barriers for professionals who wish to enter the fields of barbering and cosmetology. We are seeking public input and comments on the rules before they are finalized and adopted. Visit the Rules & Statutes page for more information. 

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