Alcohol & Drug Abuse Counselors

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Dear Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors, Applicants and Interested Parties:

The 2016 enactment of H.562 moved the registration/certification and licensure of Apprentice Addiction Professionals, Certified Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors, and Licensed Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors to the Office of Professional Regulation (OPR).  After September 1, 2016, any matter regarding obtaining certification or licensure, discipline, certification or license renewal will be handled solely by OPR.  

This page contains important information for professionals with current licenses or certifications and pending licenses/certifications, as well as those applying for the first time. 

If you hold an ACTIVE LICENSE with ADAP or CERTIFICATION from the Vermont Certification Board

Your current license or certification will remain valid through the regular expiration date of 1/31/2017. You must complete your renewal with OPR by 1/31/17. Beyond that date, it is considered unprofessional conduct to practice without a license.

To ease this transition, we encourage you to renew as soon as possible. The fee for this renewal will be $100 for a 1/31/19 expiration date.  The 2019 renewal fee will be $200.00.  

If you are an AAP with a license that expires after January 31, 2017. You must register with OPR and will be issued a license though January 31, 2019, at no charge.

Applications are completed online. These are now available. Please check the website in case you do not receive the notification; it is solely your responsibility to renew on time.

If you need assistance, we are happy to help! Please contact Terry at terry.nullgray@snullec.stanullte.vt.nullus or (802) 828-2191. 

If you have a PENDING APPLICATION with ADAP or the Vermont Certification Board

If you have an application still in pending status on September 1, 2016, you will need to fill out a new form with OPR. The form currently has no fee. 

OPR will honor the qualifications for licensure under the rules which were in effect at the time of your application with ADAP or the Vermont Certification Board.

This forms will be mailed 9/22. If you do not receive this form by the end of September please contact Terry at terry.nullgray@snullec.stanullte.vt.nullus or (802) 828-2191. 

If you need assistance, we are happy to help! Please contact Terry at terry.gray@senullc.state.vt.usnull or (802) 828-2191. 


Applications are completed online. The fee for this initial application to OPR is currently $100. The subsequent bi-annual renewal fee will be $200.00.

If you need assistance, we are happy to help! Please contact Diane Lafaille at diane.lafanullille@sec.snulltate.vt.usnull or (802) 828-2390. 

This page was last updated: 2017-03-21