Exam Score Transfer

To transfer your exam scores from Vermont to another jurisdiction you will need to provide the following:

  • Verification request form.  The jurisdiction you are looking to transfer to usually provides a form, but if they do not, we will accept a written request from you.  Include your name, date of birth and the address where you would like the verification sent to.

  • A $20.00 fee made payable to Vermont Secretary of State.  The fee must be in US dollars, a check or money order (personal checks are acceptable as long as they are drawn on a US bank).

  • Do Not send a return envelope as the jurisdiction will not accept your verification in anything other than a State of Vermont envelope.

The request and fee need to be mailed to:

Vermont Board of Accountancy
89 Main Street, 3rd Floor
Montpelier, VT  05620-3402

Processing time takes 3-5 business days and will be sent directly to the jurisdiction where you are applying, unless the form provided states to “Return to Applicant”.

This page was last updated: 2015-07-01