Municipal Government

  • Isn't There a Law About That? – a guide to finding Vermont law designed for citizens and local officials. (Vermont Institute for Government 1999).
  • Justice of the Peace Guide – a review of the role and functions of Vermont’s justices of the peace and the laws that apply to them.
  • Municipal Law Basics – a resource for local officials and members of the public who want to better understand the legal context of municipal government.
  • Tuneups for Towns – a checklist for town officials to help ensure that the town is complying with the many state laws that apply to our local governments.
  • Robert's Rules of Order - an online (unofficial) guide to the sometimes tricky world of parliamentary procedure used at the meetings of public bodies.  
  • For more information on local offices and their function, please visit the "Candidates" section of the Elections page. 


This page was last updated: 2017-10-31