Board of Psychological Examiners

Interim Policy on Supervised Practice:

Credit for Registration on

The Roster of Nonlicensed and Noncertified Psychotherapists

Adopted: August 12, 2011

            Vermont Law requires than any person engaged in supervised practice in Vermont toward licensure as a psychologist register with the Board as a psychological trainee. 26 V.S.A. § 3001(11). The purpose of this requirement is to ensure that those individuals are accountable to the Board for any unprofessional conduct and to ensure that they comply with disclosure requirements of the rules. Because the Board’s current Administrative Rules do not address psychological trainees, The Board adopts this interim policy to remain in effect until the effective date of the Board’s rules which are currently in the drafting stage.

            To dispel uncertainty for those who may have previously registered on the roster of nonlicensed and noncertified psychotherapists, the Board adopts the following interim policy:


The supervised practice of an applicant for licensure as a psychologist which occurred while the applicant was registered on the roster of non-licensed and non-certified psychotherapists will not, because the applicant was on the roster, disqualify the supervised practice from counting toward licensure as a psychologist.


        /s/                                                     August 12, 2011

Richard Root, Ed.D., Chair