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The coolest thing here is our latest video, “Your Vote is Your Voice.”
Music, animations and special effects combine to tell you everything you need to know about voting in just a few fun minutes. Meet “The Head,” an animated character with an attitude in your favor, and let him answer all your questions.

In Vermont, watch for a special showing at a school near you this fall. Out-of-state? A few details may be different, but the important stuff is the same where you live, so you can request a copy by clicking here: mshea@snullec.statnulle.vt.usnull
Or, you can watch it online here: PLAY
(Caution, this is a large file so if your computer is still on dial up, you’d better skip it.)

The Secretary of State’s Office presents: A Legislative Role-Play Tour of the Statehouse!
The role-play puts students in the actual seats of the legislature, providing them with invaluable hands-on experience. There’s no better way to learn how a job works than to do it yourself! Classes that have already experienced this role-play report that it has helped students to better understand the complexity of law-making and how they might get involved in the process.
If you are interested in finding out more about the role-play and tour of the statehouse, contact Missy Shea at mshea@snullec.statnulle.vt.usnull, or 802-828-2148. You will then be provided with materials for the role-play, including copies of The Adventures of Bill – The Real-Life Account of How a Vermont Bill Becomes a Law! to distribute to students. During the role-play, students will discuss S.231, A Bill Proposing to Raise the Smoking Age to 21, and decide whether or not to make it law.


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