Vermont Votes for Kids: A project of the Vermont Secretary of State

Curriculum for Grades 9-12, Teacher Materials for Lesson 11:
Who Says Politics Can't Be Fun?


This lesson plan is designed as a culminating activity as a follow-up to Lesson Plan One. This is a collaborative creativity assignment. The lesson can be done with ordinary crayons/markers on paper in class, on tag board, or some other displayable material, or on computers in a lab using presentation or graphics software applications. See Lesson One.

Students are presented with four "quotes" that address the partnership between citizenship and democracy. Form the students into groups of three. Have each group create a banner, slogan, campaign theme, or bumper sticker that either captures that partnership or that restates one of the four quotes in more contemporary terms. (e.g. "Democracy: Use it or lose it.")

Either orally or on the computer, each group should explain the meaning or intent behind its creation. Students should present their creations to the class. You might choose to create or acquire an "academy award" for the best in each category.

Vermont Secretary of State Deb Markowitz: