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Learn about Vermont�s Legislative Process!  

The Secretary of State's Office offers a fun way to learn about Vermont�s legislative process. The Adventures of Bill � The Real-Life Account of How a Vermont Bill Becomes a Law!  is a comic-like booklet designed for middle school students that describes how a bill becomes law in Vermont.  It includes fun activities designed to help students discover what it takes to make a bill become a law and how they can become involved. Copies of these booklets are available to schools and homeschoolers free of charge as part of their curriculum on Vermont history and civics. Click here to view, print or order The Adventures of Bill � The Real-Life Account of How a Vermont Bill Becomes a Law! 

Visit the Vermont State House!

The Secretary of State's Office has partnered with staff at the Vermont State House to offer fun activities for students of all ages!

  • Under the Golden Dome!
    Younger students can take a guided tour of the State House and use our new booklet, Under the Golden Dome.  This booklet has activities to make your tour of the Vermont State House fun as well as educational. Play "legislative chutes and ladders", hunt for fossils, and learn how to turn your ideas into laws!  To preview the booklet, click here.  For more information about booking a tour, contact the School Tours Coordinator at the State House at 802-828-1411 or email at Check out their website at

  • A Legislative Role-Play Tour of the State House!
    This role-play tour is designed for middle and high school students.  Students will consider a bill proposing to raise Vermont's smoking age to 21.  Starting in the Senate Health and Welfare Committee, students hear from witnesses and discuss and amend the proposed legislation.  The bill is then brought before the Senate and then to the House for debate, amendment, and a vote.  The bill, if passed, is then brought to the governor's desk for signature or veto.

Materials will be provided in advance to prepare for this experience, including scripts to help students manage the various roles.

For more information about the role-play tour of the statehouse, contact the School Tours coordinator at schooltounullrs@leg.stnullate.vt.usnull, or 802-828-1411.  In addition to copies of  The Adventures of Bill – The Real-Life Account of How a Vermont Bill Becomes a Law!  you will be sent role-play materials to distribute to students.  Click here to view or print a copy of the role-play packet.


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