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All winning entries and honorable mentions are posted below, which include posters, essays, powerpoints, and essays.  All the winning posters are on display at the Secretary of State's Office, 128 State Street, Montpelier.

Grades K-2
Grades 3-5
Grades 6-8

To view past winning entries click here:  2012 | 2011 | 2010 | 2009 | 2008 | 2007 | 2006 | 2005 | 2004 | 2003 | 2002

K-2 Winners

Bridgewater Village School Kindergarten
Teacher: Deanne Fitzpatrick

First Place
Braxton Benoit

Honorable Mention
Donnivan Thaiyne True

Class Winner
Cora Hewitt

Class Winner
Edie Shipman

Class Winner
Tua Strong

Class Winner
Bridgett Howe

Class Winner
Tamika Strong


Rutland City School Grade 2
Teacher: Bradley Bender

First Place
Karsyn Bellomo

Honorable Mention
Kiera Van Dien

Honorable Mention
Aiden Berry

Grades 3-5 Posters Contest on a Vermont History Theme font SIZE="4">

Grades 3-5 Winners

Bridgewater Village School Grade 3
Teacher: Mercy Grinold

First Place
Taylor Strong

Honorable Mention
Hailey Cannon


Cornwall School Grade 3
Teacher: Janne Giles

First Place
Julia Bartlett

Honorable Mention
Jack Poppenga

Honorable Mention
Thomas Denton

Bridgewater Village School Grade 4
Teacher: Mercy Grinold

First Place Individual
Tobin Calder

Honorable Mention
Riley Earle

Class Winner
Alison Van Alstyne

Class Winner
Benjamin Worth

Class Winner
Keaton Lussier

Class Winner
Madison Luce

Cornwall School Grade 4
Teacher: Janne Giles

First Place Individual
Clara Wolff

Honorable Mention
Ella McKhann

Class Winner
Olivia Audet

Class Winner
Griffin Schneider

Class Winner
Kieran Sheridan

Class Winner
Lena Sandler

Class Winner
Margaret Eagan

South Royalton School Grade 4
Teacher: Hope Yeager

First Place
Alexandra Parr

Honorable Mention
Hannah White

Grades 6 to 8 Essays

The Essay Topic:

First Prize
Angela Kubicke
The Riverside School
Teacher Peter Sahlin
Angela Kubicke Essay about the Vermont amendment.pdf




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