Honor a Vet With Your Vote

A project of the Vermont Secretary of State and Vermont’s veteran’s organizations.

The Honor a Vet With Your Vote program was established to provide citizens with the opportunity to honor those who have proudly served this country in the military by recognizing their important contributions to keeping our democracy strong and ensuring that we can cast a ballot each Election Day.

Honor a vet with your vote on Election Day by wearing a button to the polls declaring your appreciation for the specific contributions of a particular veteran. To participate:

  • Order posters and materials
  • Conduct your own Honor a Vet with Your Vote button drive

To receive your button, contact your local town clerk, your local veteran’s organization or see below.

Please contact Eric Covey at 802-828-2148 if you have questions about this program.

Order Your Personalized Button

You can order a button directly from the Office of the Secretary of State. To do so, fill out this order form and submit it directly to the Office of the Secretary of State. A button will be mailed directly to you, prior to the November general election, so you may cast your ballot in honor of your veteran.

Forms must be received by October 15 to ensure you will receive your button in time for  Election Day.

Run Your Own Button Drive

The Office of the Secretary of State can provide you with buttons and labels so that your constituency can order the buttons directly through your organization. It is easy to participate and free!

How to participate:

  • First, let us know that you will be participating and how many posters you would like us to send you, to help you advertise the program. Sign up and order posters.
  • Next, personalize and send out the Honor A Vet With Your Vote order form to all your members, or include the order form in your newsletter.
  • Let us know how many voters will be participating and we will send you a supply of buttons, blank clear labels and return manila envelopes. Order button supplies.
  • When you receive an order form, you simply print the name of veteran on the button and send it to the person who ordered the button in the manila envelope.
  • We will also include a large return envelope for you to return the original order forms to us so that the Office of Vermont Veteran’s Affairs can include the veteran information in their database and web publication.

Thanks so much for your participation in the Honor a Vet with Your Vote program!

Please contact Eric Covey at 802-828-2148 if you have questions about this program.

This page was last updated: 2019-11-26