Vermont’s election laws are designed to make it easy for all eligible Vermonters to vote and to register to vote. One of the specific purposes of the Vermont Election Laws is “to provide equal opportunity for all citizens of voting age to participate in political processes” 17 V.S.A. §2101.

Download the Voter’s Guide for People with Disabilities

This year, for the 2018 elections, we have rolled out a new accessible voting system.  See below for details.

Voting rights as a person with a disability:

  • The right to vote (if you are otherwise qualified)
  • The right to access your polling place
  • The right to receive reasonable accommodations for your disability

If you need accommodations to assist you with voting, you may:

  • Contact your Town Clerk to request accommodations
  • Bring a person of your choice into the voting booth with you for assistance (not your employer or union representative)
  • Ask an election official for assistance with marking your ballot
  • Ask an election official to bring a ballot to your car
  • Bring a magnifying glass or other devices to help you use the ballot
  • Bring a list of candidates into the voting booth to help you
  • Ask for another ballot (maximum of 3) if you make a mistake
  • Use the Omniballot tablet accessible voting system at the polls

If you experience problems with voting you may contact:

Disability Rights Vermont
141 Main Street, Suite 7, Montpelier, VT 05602
1-800-834-7890 or 1-802-229-1355

Vermont Secretary of State, Elections Division
128 State Street, Montpelier, VT 05602

Vermont Center for Independent Living

Green Mountain Self Advocates

Download the Voter’s Guide for People with Disabilities

Download "Disability Etiquette" - A Guide to Respectful Communication

Vermont’s Accessible Voting System

In 2018, beginning with the August Primary, the Secretary of State's Office is introducing a new accessible voting system.  This is a tablet-based system that will mark the voter's selections onto the same paper ballots used by all voters at the polls, increasing the privacy and independence of the vote for a voter with disabilities.  The system also contains an online-based ballot marking interface which will enable voters with disabilities to vote privately and independently from home during the early voting period. 

We are very excited to bring this much improved accessible voting technology to Vermont in 2018.

Please check back soon for more information on Vermont's new accessible voting system.  You may also contact us with questions.


The Help America Vote Act (HAVA) required states to implement voting systems that are accessible for individuals with disabilities and permit voters who are blind or visually-impaired to cast their votes privately and independently. Since the implementation of HAVA in 2004, Vermont has used a vote-by-phone style accessible voting system.  In 2018, we are replacing the vote-by-phone system with a state-of-the-art accessible ballot marking device.  The accessible voting system being implemented this year by the state of Vermont is designed to meet and even exceed the HAVA mandate.



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