Town Meeting & Local Elections

Please see “Town Meeting Reminders,” “Town Meeting Warnings,” and “Local Petitions” for additional information and resources, including sample town meeting warnings.

Below please find A Citizen′s Guide to Town Meeting, our comprehensive guide to all the basics you need to know about town meeting.

Citizen′s Guide to Town Meeting

Town meeting happens every year on the first Tuesday in March.  A form of government that exists nowhere else in the world outside of New England, town meeting involves direct citizen lawmaking—true government by the governed. We should feel lucky to live in a place with this unique kind of local government, and community, and we should all do our best to take part.

At town meeting articles are voted “from the floor” or by Australian ballot. Some towns and school districts use only one form of voting, and many use a combination of the two methods.  See below for listings of voting methods and turnout statistics by town:

2019 Town Meeting Turnout Statistics

2019 Voting Methods by Town and School District

2018 Town Meeting Turnout Statistics

2018 Voting Methods by Town and School District

2017 Town Meeting Turnout Statistics

2017 Voting Methods by Town and School District

2016 Town Meeting Turnout Statistics

2015 Town Meeting Turnout Statistics

2014 Town Meeting Turnout Statistics

2013 Town Meeting Voting Methods and Turnout Statistics

View an interactive map of Vermont voting methods used in each town.

For more information for voters at town meeting, including registration deadlines and absentee voting procedures for towns that use Australian ballot, please visit our Voters section.

Special Meetings

Special meetings of the voters can occur at any time throughout the year upon the call of the selectboard or school board or when requested by a valid petition signed by five percent of the registered voters. Special meetings require 30–40 days notice and, when requested by petition, the board must hold the meeting within 60 days of receiving the petition.

Locate Your Polling Place

2019 Town Meeting Polling Places

Please use the above listing to locate your polling place for 2019 Town Meeting Day.

These locations were provided to our office by the town or city clerk.  If you have any questions about this listing, please contact the clerk directly.

All polls in Vermont open between 6 and 10 a.m. and close at 7 p.m.


Selectboard and Justice of the Peace Listings

Following every town meeting, clerks across the state provide our office with listings of their Justices of the Peace and Selectboard members, as directed by 17 V.S.A §2665. Below please find the listings submitted following the 2019 town meetings and updated as possible throughout the year.

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