Election Supplies

We do our best to ensure that all clerks have the necessary supplies to run a successful election. 

Clerks are advised to place their election supply orders well in advance of an election. The Office of the Secretary of State provides most election supplies: forms, signs, seals, warnings, tally and summary sheets, Official Return of Votes, and primary and general election ballots.  Some of these items can be ordered by calling or emailing, others are supplied through our online election management system, and many are available in the “Forms & Publications” section of our website.

To order, please complete the election supplies order form and attach it to an email to the Elections Division. Please specify the amount.

From time to time we will purchase and distribute other items such as ballot bags and bins, control barriers, voting booths, and other items. We will contact the clerks directly when these types of supplies are available. Please contact us directly if you are in need of supplies such as these larger items.

Election Supplies Order Form

Warning for August 14, 2018 Primary Election

Download and print a pdf of the 2018 Primary Election Warning.


Vote Tabulators

All towns in Vermont that use tabulators use the Accuvote Optical Scanner. These machines require a paper ballot, completed by the voter, to be fed through and read by the machine.  The paper ballots are stored in a container attached to the tabulator for use in either a recount or audit of the results reported by the machine.

Vermont law requires the use of a paper ballot in all elections that occur by ballot and prohibits the use of any voting machine that records votes directly without a paper ballot. 

Below are the PDFs that make up the Vermont Vote Tabulator Guide, provided to town clerks as a reference guide in the operation of their tabulators. The guide also includes all required forms for documentation surrounding maintenance of the tabulator.

Vote Tabulator Guide

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