Election Procedures

Town clerks, and other members of our boards of civil authority, know there is more to running Vermont’s elections than checklists and tabulators. In fact, the biggest challenge for those charged with running Vermont’s elections is doing what needs to be done next—before the deadline passes.

At the Office of the Secretary of State, we work hard to help ensure that Vermont’s local officials run elections in a proper and legal manner. Election Procedures—A Guide for Election Officials is designed to be used as an overview of the election process and as a step-by-step reference for election officials for conducting elections. This guide is supplemented during the election year by elections bulletins, emailed by the Elections Division to the town clerks as a reminder of the various requirements of election administration as deadlines near.

Election Procedures Guide

There have been changes to both federal and state election laws since previous versions of our elections procedures guide were published. Please discard all previous versions of this booklet.

Individual appendices to this guide are at the bottom of the page. We provide the individual appendices in PDF form for election officials to print and bring with them to the polling place as necessary.

Current Election Law- Title 17 

The Elections Division produces an easy-to-read, unannotated version of the election laws, which we are pleased to provide in PDF format. 

Unannotated Vermont Election Laws


2017-2018 Elections Calendar

View our complete 2017-2018 online elections calendar:

2017-2018 Elections Calendar

Click here to download a printable version of the calendar (2018).  


Campaign Finance

The Campaign Finance Guide is provided below for your reference. Please note, however, that under the new campaign finance law, all campaign finance reports, including those required from local candidates, are to be filed with the Office of the Secretary of State, and not the local clerk. The “Campaign Finance” section of our website has more information and reporting forms that you can download and provide to local candidates. 

Campaign Finance Guide


Individual Appendices for Printing

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