Town Clerks & Election Workers

Please see “Election Procedures,” “Polling Place Rules,” and “Election Supplies” for additional information.

Guide to Vermont’s Town Clerks, Treasurers, and County Clerks

We are pleased to provide this Guide to Vermont’s Town Clerks, Treasurers & County Clerks to assist you in locating and contacting any town, city, or county clerk or treasurer. This guide is updated as soon as possible after we receive new or revised information from a town or city clerk’s office. (Please notify us of any changes in your information).

Guide to Vermont′s Town Clerks

Excel spreadsheet with Town Clerk contact information

Excel spreadsheet with Treasurer contact information (when different from town clerk) 

Justice of the Peace Listing and Guide

Names and contact information for currently serving Justices of the Peace in Vermont.

2019-2020 Justice of the Peace Listing

Justice of the Peace Guide 

2019 Justice of the Peace Guide

Elections Records Retention

The Archives Division of the Secretary of State has released a new record schedule for elections related records.  Use the link below to access the new retention schedule:

Elections Records Retention Periods

Oaths of Office and Certificates of Election

Below please find Certificates of Election and Appointment, and Oaths of Office for the various town offices. There is a specific oath for the office of lister — all other local officials take the standard oath. Please note that in all cases where an oath is required, the oath must be taken before the person may perform any of the duties of their elected office. 

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