Gifts: 2013-2014

Use the search fields below to access records from the 2013-2014 biennium within our lobbyist gift database. It contains information on gifts received from lobbyists or their employers by a legislator or administrative official. For previous years, visit “Gifts: Legacy.” 

This data is unofficial and informational only. For official information, please refer to the public records on file with the Office of the Secretary of State.


Search Legislators and Administrative Officials Who Have Received Reported Gifts (2013-2014 Biennium)

  • Enter the last name of the legislator or administrative official in the blank below and then click on the “Retrieve Information” button.
  • Matching occurs from the beginning of the recipient's last name and continues for as many letters as you specify.
  • More matches can be generated by entering only the first few letters of last name.
  • Capitalization does not matter, but exact spelling does.


This page was last updated: 2018-02-13