Election Law

17 V.S.A. §§1811-2986 

The Vermont election laws are contained in Title 17, sections 1811-2986, of the Vermont Statutes. View the Vermont election laws. The Elections Division provides advice and guidance on compliance with the election laws to town and city clerks, other election officials, candidates, parties, and the general public.  

Please note that there may be specific provisions of Titles 16, 20, and 24 that also relate to Vermont’s elections, which you should be sure to review as necessary.

All of Vermont’s cities, and many of the larger towns, also have a municipal governance charter that may have provisions that differ from and supersede the laws included in Title 17. If your municipality has a governance charter it should be consulted alongside these general election laws. Wherever possible the two sets of laws should be read in conjunction with one and the other; however, where the laws may conflict, the provisions of the municipal charter will generally govern. 

All municipal governance charters are contained in the Appendix to Title 24 of the Vermont Statutes.

The Elections Division produces an easy-to-read, unannotated version of the election laws, which we are pleased to provide in PDF format.

Our election laws are constantly being revised by the Vermont Legislature. The unannotated printed version of our election law are both up to date through the 2017 legislative session. As the Legislature makes further changes to our laws, you will see these updates reflected in both places.



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