2016 Candidate Info Webpage

This web page has been produced by the Elections Division of the Office of the Secretary of State as directed by the Legislature in 17 V.S.A. § 2906. 

A key element of democracy is the informed participation of potential voters. This webpage will provide you with a non-partisan presentation of candidates for federal and statewide offices who have submitted information to our office. 

All candidate information was prepared and submitted to us by the candidates. To ensure fairness, our office developed specifications for the presentation. Each candidate was invited by a letter to submit a photograph, a logo, a biographical sketch not to exceed 100 words, and position statements on up to five issues of the candidate’s choice not to exceed a total of 550 words. The content has not been edited or changed by our office. However, we have formatted each presentation to provide uniformity of type and page layout.

This web page will be updated with candidate submissions on a rolling basis as they are received.  All candidates for federal and statewide office have been invited to participate.  If the link below for a candidate is inactive, they have not made a submission.

2016 Federal and Statewide Office Candidate Information*

*pdf document containing all submission received to date.

Individual Candidate Submissions

US President and Vice President

Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine, Democratic
Rocky De La Fuente and Michael A. Steinberg, Independent
Gary Johnson and William F. Weld, Libertarian
Glora Lariva and Eugene Puryear, Liberty Union
Jill Stein and Ajuma Baraka, Green
Donald J. Trump and Michael R. Pence, Republican

US Senator

Pete Diamondston, Dummerston, Liberty Union
Cris Ericson, Chester, United States Marijuana
Patrick Leahy, Middlesex, Democratic
Scott Milne, Pomfret, Republican
Jerry Trudell, Derby, Independent

Representative to Congress

Erica Clawson, Charleston, Liberty Union
Peter Welch, Norwich, Democratic/Republican


Bill "Spaceman" Lee, Craftsbury, Liberty Union
Phil Scott, Berlin, Republican
Sue Minter, Waterbury, Democratic

Lieutenant Governor

Randy Brock, Swanton, Republican
Boots Wardinski, Newbury, Liberty Union
David Zuckerman, Hinesburg, Progressive/Democratic

State Treasurer

Murrya Ngoima, Pomfret, Liberty Union
Beth Pearce, Barre City, Democratic/Republican
Don Schramm, Burlington, Progressive

Secretary of State

Jim Condos, Montpelier, Democratic/Republican
Mary Alice "Mal" Herbert, Putney, Liberty Union

Auditor of Accounts

Marina Brown, Charleston, Liberty Union
Dan Feliciano, Essex, Republican
Doug Hoffer, Burlington, Democratic/Progressive

Attorney General

Deborah "Deb" Bucknam, Walden, Republican
TJ Donovan, South Burlington, Democratic
Rosemarie Jackowski, Bennington, Liberty Union




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