What's Next?

In addition to your business registration with the Secretary of State, you also may be required to:

1. Obtain a Federal Tax ID Number (i.e. an employer identification number (EIN)) for your new business.

Some banks require an EIN to open an account. Please see the following to get you started:

Federal Tax ID (EIN) Information & Application

The IRS website is only available during certain hours. It is recommended that you Print your EIN before closing your session. 

2. Obtain a Vermont State Tax ID Number.

Business Center, Vermont Department of Taxes

3. Obtain a license or permit to operate your new business legally.

Many small businesses need a combination of licenses and permits from both federal, state and local agencies. 

For Federal Licensing and Permit information, please visit:

Federal Licenses and Permits, U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA)

For Vermont Licensing and Permit information, please visit:

Licenses and Permits, Vermont.gov

Food and Lodging Program, Vermont Department of Health

For Local regulations, please contact the town clerk(s) of the individual locality or localities you intend to do business in:

Guide to Vermont′s Town Clerks

4. Keep your business in compliance by filing:

This page was last updated: 2019-05-06