Business Identity Theft

Business identity theft occurs when a business’s identity is falsely used to transact business and establish lines of credit with banks and suppliers. For example, acquiring merchandise on credit, opening a bank account in a business name, or ordering merchandise or services with a stolen credit resulting in a direct impact on that business’s reputation and creditworthiness. 

What can a business do to prevent and detect business identity theft?

Take the following initial steps to protect your business from business identity theft:

  1. Do not ignore notifications from the Office of the Secretary of State.

  2. Keep your business in good standing with us by filing your annual report and updating your registered agent information.

  3. Periodically check your business information on the Office of the Secretary of State’s website. Let us know of any updates to your information.

  4. Obtain a commercial credit report for your business on a regular basis from one of the major credit reporting agencies.

  5. Sign up for electronic notifications with your bank, other creditors, and service providers.

  6. Immediately report any suspicious activity on your bills and supplier relationships to the invoicing company.

  7. Inventory commercial documents and have a policy for shredding expired materials.

For more information about identity theft, whether personal or business related please use the following links:


If you feel that the identity of an entity registered with our office has been compromised, please feel free to contact us to verify the status of your entity, registered agent, listed officers, and recent filings; or for further assistance.


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