Business Fraud Alerts

Business Fraud Alert & The Online Business Service Center

The Office of the Secretary of State’s Online Business Service Center is an online, real-time central repository for all your businesses filings and record keeping needs. Key characteristics of the online system include:

  • System inbox for all of your business filings, receipts, and certificates.
  • Email and SMS notification system of any changes to your account.
  • Convenience of a mobile application for searching records and accessing your receipts, certificates, and correspondence on the go.
  • Real-time processing and updates of your business record.

How do I access the online system?

Its simple.

*Please note that we sent postal mail with temporary logins to all businesses for their annual reports. If you did not receive this login in the mail, or are creating a new business, then create a new login online. We will not be resending logins by postal mail.

Business Fraud Alert System

Business fraud occurs when your official business record is changed by an unauthorized person without your knowledge. This can include changing or adding your directors or officers, changing your mailing address, or dissolving your business.

The Office of the Secretary of State has moved all amendment, entity registration, and annual report functions online. We can now provide email, SMS, and smart phone application verification of any and all changes to your business record, online and in real time.

Unlike other states which charge for this service, this is free to all Vermont businesses and part of our attempt to provide greater value to Vermont taxpayers.

Once registered in our system, any changes to your business record will prompt an email, SMS, or smart phone notification, as desired. If you anticipated the change, or made the change yourself, you can simply ignore the notice. If this change came as a surprise to you, you should contact our office for further inquiry.

If you provide an email address and cell phone number for your business when you register, you will be instantly notified when any changes are made to your record.

This page was last updated: 2018-02-13