Vermont businesses have reported receiving a questionable solicitation entitled "2014-Annual Minutes Form." This form can be easily mistaken for correspondence from the State of Vermont. Although corporations are required to maintain annual minutes, they are not required to file these with the Secretary of State Corporations Division.

Official paper mailings from the Secretary of State Corporations Division always contain these elements:

  • An image of the Vermont state seal, or 
  • The words “State of Vermont, Office of the Secretary of State, Division of Corporations."
  • Our phone number, 802-828-2386, or an email ending in

The Secretary of State urges Vermont businesses to read solicitations carefully to determine if they are actually from a government agency, or your official registered agent, and require a response. At first glance, some questionable solicitations from private organizations are difficult to distinguish from official government correspondence. Only a close reading reveals a disclaimer noting that the organization is not government affiliated.

For further questions about any mailing or email, please contact us or email us at sos.annunullalreportnull@sec.stanullte.vt.usnull.

This page was last updated: 2018-02-13