Corrections & Restatements

Articles of Correction | Restated Articles

Articles of Correction

Any document previously filed with the secretary of state regarding a domestic or foreign business entity (not trade name registrations) may be corrected if the document:  

  1. is incomplete;
  2. contains an incorrect statement; or
  3. was defectively executed, attested, sealed, verified, or acknowledged.

A document is corrected by delivering the articles to the secretary of state for filing.  There is no form available for this filing, nor is this filing available online.

To file Articles of Correction, you must submit a document, entitled "Articles of Correction," of your own format that includes:

  1. A description of the document being corrected to include:
    • Title of filing (e.g. Articles of Incorporation, Organization, Amendment; Change of Registered Agent; Annual Report, etc.).
    • The business name.
    • The date of filing.
  2. Specification of the incorrect statement and the reason it is incorrect.

  3. Corrected statement to replace the incorrect statement.

  4. The attachment of a copy of the defective filing.

Please Note: If the business is a foreign entity - the Articles of Correction must be submitted together with a certificate of good standing, or equivalent document, from its state of domestication dated within 30 days of the date of receipt by this office.

 Please see “Fees & Filings” for the fee for corrections.


Restated Articles

A corporation, nonprofit,  limited liability company or mutual benefit enterprise may choose to file Restated its Articles of Association, Incorporation, or Organization (as applicable).

A restatement may include one or more amendments to the articles. If the restatement includes an amendment requiring shareholder approval, it must be adopted as required by statute.  Duly adopted restated articles supersede the original articles of incorporation and all amendments to them.

There is no form available for this filing, nor is this filing available online.

Please see “Fees & Filings” for the fee for restated articles.

This page was last updated: 2018-02-13