Annual Report Guide

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  1. Login to Online Business Service Center.
  2. Once logged in, select "File Annual Report/Biennial Report."
  3. Search For & Select Business.
  4. Confirm or Update Business Information and Principal Information.
  5. Enter Payment Information.
  6. Review & Confirm Submission.

1. Login to Online Business Service Center with an existing User ID and Password from previous years.


  • You may use any existing login to file any Biennial Report.
  • If you do not have a User ID and Password, just select "Create a User Account."
  • If your existing User ID and/or Password are, missing, forgotten, or otherwise do not work:
    • First, use the Forgot Password and Forgot User ID links.
    • If these do not work for you, just "Create a [new] User Account."

[Preview screenshots of the "Create a User Account" pages here.]

2. Once logged in, select "File Annual or Biennial Report" (under Online Services on the Main Menu):

1Select File Your Annual Report

3. Search for and Select Your Business:

2Searchselect Business

4. Confirm or Update your Business and Principal Personnel Information:

3Businessprincipal Screens

5. Payment Screen:

4Pay Securely Online

6. Review and Confirm Submission:

5Reviewfinal Submission

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