Foreign Name Registration

A non-Vermont corporation or nonprofit may choose to simply register its business name for its exclusive use in the state of Vermont year to year, without incurring the additional costs associated with being registered to do business in the state of Vermont.

Please Note:

  1. A foreign business name registration does not confer the authority to do business under the registered business name in the state of Vermont.
  2. A business name registration is completely optional and not a prerequisite to registering a foreign business with the secretary of state.

Foreign Name Registration Law

Corporations (11A V.S.A. § 4.03)
Nonprofits (11B V.S.A. § 4.03)

Foreign Name Registration Fees

Please see “Fees & Filings” for the costs of foreign business name registration.

Duration of Foreign Name Registrations

A foreign corporation or nonprofit whose registration is effective may renew it for successive years between October 1 and December 31 of the preceding year. The renewal application renews the registration for the following calendar year.

A foreign corporation or nonprofit whose registration is effective may qualify as a foreign entity under its registered name or may consent in writing to the use of its registered name by a domestic or foreign business entity.  The name registration ends when the foreign business entity registers, or consents to the registration of another business entity, under the registered name.

This page was last updated: 2018-02-13