Conversions & Redomestications

Conversions | Redomestications


Vermont law only provides for a limited number of possibilities for entities to convert directly from one business structure to another. The only conversions available are as follows:

Form Title

Current Structure (from)

Resulting Structure


Articles of Conversion


(General, LLP, or LP)

Limited Liability Company (LLC, PLC, or L3C)
Statement of Conversion Any Business Structure

Mutual Benefit Enterprise


Statement of Conversion Mutual Benefit Enterprise (MBE) Any Business Structure

If your desired conversion is not listed above:

You must first file to end your current registration, and then file to start or register the business under the new business structure.  

We recommend that both documents are filed together (i.e. in a single envelope) with the total, combined fee.



Redomestication is the the process by which a business or nonprofit entity that is incorporated, organized, or otherwise formed under the laws of one jurisdiction, transfers its domicile to another jurisdiction by merger, consolidation or any other lawful method.

Redomestication to or from Vermont for insurance providers:

Vermont law only allows for the direct redomestication of insurance providers. Please see our “Fees & Filings,” 8 V.S.A. § 3437-3440, and the Vermont Department of Financial Regulation for more details.

Redomestication to Vermont for all other businesses:

Since under state law there is no direct means by which to redomesticate a foreign business entity to Vermont, here are two means by which to accomplish the same outcome:

Redomestication from Vermont for all other businesses:

Since under state law there is no direct means by which to redomesticate a business entity from Vermont to another jurisdiction:

  1. First, coordinate with and meet the requirements of the jurisdiction that the business entity is redomesticating to (recommended).
  2. Then, end the registration with the Vermont Office of the Secretary of State. 
  3. Last, if continuing to conduct business in the state of Vermont,  register with the Vermont Secretary of State as a foreign (non-Vermont) entity.
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