Vital Records

Records of Vermont births, deaths, marriages, civil unions, and divorces dating from 2012 and earlier, with a few exceptions including foreign-born births, are available from the Vermont State Archives and Records Administration.

Pursuant to 18 V.S.A. § 5002, there are no restrictions on public access to Vermont vital records.

Only available from the Department of Health (2013 to present)

Records of vital events occurring in 2013 through the present, including any amendments and corrections to records, are only available from the Vermont Department of Health. This is also true for all records of dissolution and all records of foreign-born births, regardless of date. Please contact the Vital Records Division of the Vermont Department of Health for more information.


Only available from Vermont Town Clerks

The recording by town clerks of all marriages, births, and deaths was enacted into Vermont law in 1779. In 1857, the Vermont Legislature enacted legislation requiring town clerks to file copies of vital events recorded in their respective offices with the State; however, the State's registry is not complete, particularly for pre-1909 records. Those conducting research for a family that resided in one particular town, or requesting earlier Vermont vital records, are encouraged to also contact the town clerk of the town where the vital event took place. Contact information for all Vermont town clerks is available in the Guide to Vermont’s Town Clerks.

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