Vermont Historical Records Program

The mission of the Vermont Historical Records Program (VHRP) is to improve public access to and engagement with Vermont historical records, and to encourage and facilitate collaborative efforts among Vermont historical records repositories.  This is a program of the Vermont State Historical Records Advisory Board (VHRAB) that started in May 2017 with funding from Vermont Secretary of State Jim Condos.

The more specific goals of the VHRP are:

  1. Ensuring repositories are in communication with information professionals knowledgeable in archival functions, processes, and documentation;
  2. Facilitating the processing of Vermont repositories’ historical records in a meaningful manner consistent with archival principles and practices to ensure the records’ authenticity and integrity while promoting their accessibility and use;
  3. Preparing presentations, articles, guides, finding aids, and related methods of outreach for repositories to provide background and additional information about Vermont’s historical records;
  4. Increasing participation in existing historical records programming and outreach initiatives and proposing new projects; and
  5. Providing a technical assistance program for repositories that is continuously improving and meets or exceeds public demands and expectations.        

To realize these goals, VHRAB and the VHRP Coordinator will be focusing on several specific activities.  The primary audience, at least initially, is the staff and volunteers of Vermont’s historical societies and museums.  Workshops and training sessions will be offered and organizations can request that the Coordinator come for a site visit.  A web site will be developed to aggregate historical information about Vermont and the best online resources for smaller cultural heritage repositories.  The Coordinator also wants to work with educators developing curriculum based on primary sources and other groups doing related work in communities across Vermont.

The Coordinator will also be working on some statewide projects, including gathering biographical sketches of Vermont suffragists for an online dictionary.   Read more (and get involved!) here.

Contact the Coordinator:  Need advice about your historical materials?  Have an idea for a project? Please be in touch with Rachel Onuf! rachenulll.onunullf@vernullmont.nullgov or (802)-828-2204.


This page was last updated: 2019-08-29