Record Request Form

This form is only for designated records officers and records liaisons.

Only designated records officers and liaisons are authorized to request and receive records from the State Records Center. Records are delivered to the address on file.

Please limit each request to one file or one box and complete all the fields below. A confirmation of the request will be sent by email.

All records are shipped (and billed) by Buildings and General Services (BGS) Postal Center at current postal rates. If the records are on microfilm, you will be notified. See Retrieving Records from the State Records Center (Procedure VSARA00003) for service options when records are on microfilm. 

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Now through the end of January 2019, the State Records Center is undergoing a structural reinforcement project that is administered by the BGS Project Management Office. During this time, some sections of the State Records Center will be unavailable to State Records Center staff for retrievals. You will be notified if your request is affected by construction and you will receive a time frame (between 24-72 hours) for when your record will be retrievable. Thank you for your understanding and patience.   

This page was last updated: 2018-12-13