Box Pickup Service

Agencies may transfer their boxes to the State Records Center by using the Department of Buildings and General Services (BGS) state postal service. Box pickup service for state agencies not on a state postal center route are also available through contracted movers coordinated by BGS. BGS bills agencies directly for box delivery services to the State Records Center regardless of which service is used.

Agencies wishing to use other delivery methods to transfer records may do so provided that the State Records Center receives and approves a VSARA-28: Records Delivery Request (RDR)  

To use either service, please complete and submit a VSARA-04: Records Pickup Request or a VSARA-28: Records Delivery Request (RDR) and a VSARA-05: Box Transfer List. Agencies not on the state postal service route must submit their paperwork no later than the first Wednesday of their respective district run. District box pickups occur on the last Wednesday of the month. For more information, please read Procedure for Transferring Records or contact the State Records Center Supervisor. 

District Run Pickup Locations Months
Burlington, Colchester, Essex, St. Albans and Swanton January, May, September
Bennington, Brandon, Middlebury, Pittsford, and Rutland February, June, October
Bellows Falls, Brattleboro, Hartford, and Springfield March, July, November
Barre, Chelsea, Hyde Park, Morrisville, Newport, and St. Johnsbury April, August, December
This page was last updated: 2018-10-10