State Records Center

The State Records Center provides low-cost, secure storage for records that must be maintained for audit, fiscal, legal, or administrative needs, but are no longer used frequently enough to justify storing the records on-site, which is generally more expensive. For records stored in the State Records Center, both legal control and control of access to the records are retained by the agency until the records are either transferred to the State Archives or destroyed.

Records must have an approved disposition order or record schedule to be stored in the State Records Center. In addition, agencies wishing to transfer records for the first time to the State Records Center must have an approved record schedule. Series that have not been used for transfers since July 2012 have been discontinued. Pursuant to 3 V.S.A. § 117, security copies of land records recorded by a county or municipality may also be stored in the State Records Center. 

State Records Center services include: 

  • Secure records storage
  • Re-filing and interfiling
  • Records retrieval (requests are generally processed within 24 hours during the business week)
  • Records destruction based on approved record schedules
This page was last updated: 2015-02-04