Auditors of Accounts

Records of some Auditors of Accounts were incorporated into record series based on subject. These can be searched through the Archival Records database, while the most comprehensive of these series are described below.

Record Series Title 

Date Span

Record Series Number 

Supporting Material 

Auditor of Account records   1796-1965 PRA-106; A-351 

A-351 Finding Aid 

 Auditor of Account ledgers 1902-1922  PRA-214   
Audit reports  1924-1963  PRA-057   
Records relating to Civil War expenses  1860-1908   PRA-458

Military Records Collection Finding Aid

 World War II bonus payments  1942-1950 PRA-414 

Military Records Collection Finding Aid

There are no individual Auditor of Accounts records in the State Archives. A complete list of all Auditors of Accounts, 1778-present, is available under the Government History section of our website.

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