Treasurer's and Auditor's Records

Records of State Pay, 1861–1866

(Series PRA-449)

The payment records from the State Treasurer’s Office document the state pay ($7.00 per month) to Vermont volunteers (noncommissioned officers and staff, musicians and privates), 1861–1866, with some later notations. The ledgers provide the soldier’s name; date of muster-in; date of discharge, desertion, death, etc.; period of service (in months and days); total amount paid and additional remarks. These records are available on microfilm at the State Archives and Records Administration.

Military Claims, 1861–1864

(Series PRA-213)

The Office of Auditor of Accounts received numerous claims for state pay due soldiers; claims for medical expenses; claims for transportation, meals, and board provided to soldiers; recruiting expenses; and claims by towns for military expenses. This volume has been microfilmed and is available at the State Archives and Records Administration.

Correspondence and Report of John Howe, Jr., Relating to State Aid to Soldiers’ Families, 1861–1866

(Series PRA-407)

John Howe, Jr., was Vermont’s agent for the relief of soldiers’ families from 1861 to 1866. One letterpress book contains correspondence with concerned parties making solicitations for or rendering accounts pertaining to the financial needs of soldiers’ families. Most of the correspondence with town relief agents explains the provisions of the laws relating to expenditures of state aid. The volume also contains a photocopy of the published Report of John Howe, Jr., Relative to State Aid for Soldiers’ Families in Vermont, From October 1, 1861 to September 1, 1862. These records are available for research at the State Archives and Records Administration.

Civil War Bonds and Registers, 1861–1862

(Series PRA-454PRA-388PRA-389)

To finance the costs of the war, the General Assembly authorized the issuance of bonds by the State Treasurer. These series contain examples of the bonds as well as the bond registers which document to whom the bonds were issued, their amounts, and their payment history. These records are available at the State Archives and Records Administration.

Records Relating to Civil War Expenses, 1860–1908

(Series PRA-457, and PRA-458)

Most of the records in this collection pertain to the State of Vermont’s military claims for Civil War expenses against the U.S. government. These military claims were submitted in a series of installments between 1866 and 1873. When received by the U.S. Auditor’s office, many of the claims were returned to Vermont with a detailed accounting of and explanation for disallowed claims, some requiring explanation and others requiring further proof of expense (receipts and vouchers). The working notes of and correspondence between those involved in preparing and submitting Vermont's claims are included. This exchange between Vermont and the U.S. government went on for many years. These records provide very detailed (in fact, itemized) information on Vermont’s Civil War expenditures, including costs related to defense of the northern frontier following the St. Albans Raid on 19 October 1864. These records are on microfilm at the State Archives and Records Administration.


CW Bond

Civil War Bond, June 1861 (Series PRA-454)

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