Archives Copy Request Form

The Vermont State Archives and Records Administration welcomes requests for copies of state archival records in the Vermont State Archives. Due to the volume of requests received, please submit one request and wait to hear back from us before submitting another request. Your cooperation will allow us to continue providing copies to the public in a timely manner. 

  • Submitting requests with series information and box/container numbers will facilitate our processing of your request. Please lookup this information prior to submitting your request by using our online indices.
  • If researching newspapers, please see our Vermont Newspapers Research Guide. Newspapers of record in the State Archives that are that are no longer subject to copyright restrictions are available online. 

COPY FEES: All copy charges will be assessed under the Uniform Schedule of Public Record Charges for State Agencies. You will receive an estimate prior to copying for any anticipated charges in excess of $5.00 or upon request. Total charges of less than $1.00 will be waived.

Please note that we cannot conduct research on your behalf: requests for research cannot be fulfilled.


VSARA Archival Record Copy Request Form

This page was last updated: 2019-07-16