List of Cities

The following list provides basic information about existing cities in the following order: name of city, name of county within which the city lies, and year of incorporation (all cities were chartered by a special act of the Legislature with adoption of such charter act by local voters usually required before the act took effect).

  • Barre City: in Washington County, 1895
  • Burlington: in Chittenden County, 1865
  • Montpelier: in Washington County, 1895
  • Newport City: in Orleans County, 1918
  • Rutland City: in Rutland County, 1893
  • St. Albans City: in Franklin County, 1897
  • South Burlington: in Chittenden County, 1971
  • Vergennes: in Addison County, 1788/1794
  • Winooski: in Chittenden County, 1922
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