Villages and Cities

During 1999, the voters of the Town of Essex and the incorporated Village of Essex Junction considered a series of measures on whether the Village should break away from the Town to become a city or whether the Village should be disincorporated and the Town, as a single municipality, become a city. Proposals to amend the Village of Essex Junction charter to create a City of Essex Junction, and to amend the Town of Essex charter to reconstitute the Town of Essex and the Village of Essex Junction into the City of Essex Junction are now before the General Assembly.

The proposals brought a variety of questions to the Archives about the history of incorporated villages and cities in Vermont. The Archives’ view of the history of incorporated villages and cities is limited since many of the germane records are held at the municipal level. The following is a far from comprehensive effort to provide some context to the issue and to encourage further research.

A special thanks to Jesi Moore who helped put the following research together.

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