About this Project

The ultimate goal of this project is to use public records to better understand our public records laws. In describing the current laws, we have included links to the original documents to help provide some insight into how these laws have developed over time. Original acts can shed light on the legislature’s intent as they passed public records legislation. Legislative committee testimony often reveals the intense scrutiny and debate public records bills evoke. Reports to or by the legislature or governor contain careful studies of records issues and sometimes offer policy recommendations. Case law shows how courts have interpreted the meaning and application of our public records laws as well.

The majority of records included in this project are drawn from records in the State Archives. These include the original acts (series SE-005), legislative committee records (A-116 and PRA-102), and Legislative Council studies (A-200).

We will be adding additional records to this presentation in the future as time allows. We welcome your contributions as well. It is our hope that we will hear from you to help identify sources that will further this project.

Using this Site

The site is organized by topics which loosely correspond to the sections of the public records law found in Chapter 5 of Title 1 of the Vermont Statutes Annotated. The menu on the left side of the page can help you navigate from one topic to another. Original documents and other reference sources can be found by following the green hyperlinks embedded in the narrative.

This page was last updated: 2018-02-13